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Rajpal Baghel

National President
Everyone's rights organization
(Mo. 9205032971)


Sant Ram Karoriya

National vice president
Everyone's rights organization
(Mo. 9205032973)


Vijay Kumar Dhingiya

National secretary General
Everyone's rights organization
(Mo. 9205032972)

radhey shyam mathur

Radhey Shyam Mathur

National treasurer
Everyone's rights organization
(Mo. 9205032974)

Main Clause of  Everyone's Rights Organization

  1. Respect to all religions
  2. Save daughters, teach daughters
  3. Help of the weaker poor, disabled, destitute children of the society, the widows and the elderly
  4. Old age pension, disability, assist disabled
  5. Protecting sisters, daughters from anti social elements
  6. To raise awareness about Tuberculosis, diseases from cancer, AIDS etc.
  7. To set free health related camp and distribute free medicine for Poor and helpless people without any discrimination based on caste religion
  8. To make youth aware to keep away from drunkenness
  9. Promoting and disseminating good education, Free education for poor children
  10. Awake Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes Brothers
  11. Teach sewing sisters and to stand on their feet